Meet Holmenkol's Featured Athlete

RJ Humphreys

Age: 18
Home Town: Lyndeborough, NH
Ski Club: Gould Academy
Favorite Holmenkol Product: GW25 and Beta

An East Coast up-and- comer, RJ Humphreys had a very strong 2015-2016 ski season. He stayed focused during the off-season with a comprehensive workout routine that prepared him for early season training in Austria. Once back stateside, RJ had early season results that included a few top ten finishes and 3 rd place in a USSA open race. All in all, RJ had four podium results for 2016. With a podium, hardship also can come. During a mid-season training run, RJ hipped out and slid into a metal ski rack at the bottom of the hill, knocking out his two front teeth, shattering his maxilla, and fracturing the bottom of his nose. Ouch! After some quality time at the dentist, plus a visit to the surgeon and some much needed rest, RJ found his rhythm in GS at the Stowe VT FIS where he fought from the back of the pack to score 21 st and a 69 and 55 point race. It was the perfect example of how to finish strong. He plans to keep the momentum going for the 16/17 season. Keep up the hard work, RJ, and we'll see you in the start shack soon!